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Hosting your own Nup to the Cup! event or special inhouse promotion at your own business or place of work is a powerful and positive way to boycott the Melbourne Cup and demonstrate that you can have a good time without engaging in animal cruelty.

We welcome you to register your Nup to the Cup! event/business promotion below so that we can help you promote it as the Spring Carnival approaches. It does not need to be on Melbourne Cup day specifically if another day through the Spring Racing Carnival suits best. It also doesn't necessarily even have to be during the Spring Carnival eg. the Hobart Cup is in February, the Ipswich Cup is in June. Many racetracks run their own 'Cup Day' events throughout the year. These offer another opportunity to take a stand against horse racing cruelty which happens all year, not just in November.

Information on hosting a Nup to the Cup at your workplace here.

Nup to Cup support kits here.

Register your Nup to the Cup! social event or business offering/promotion now!

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